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  • How much Money do i need to start?
    Our Brand Ambassaor is 100% free. There in no cost to join.
  • How often do i get free hair?
    You will be awarded with some new Bundles/ Wig Unit after 5 people have used your Code. Imagine having a new hair style every month!!
  • What kind of hair does Forget Me Not Hair Company offer?
    We offer %100 Virgin Human Hair: Our hair is the highest quality hair in the market.
  • Do i have to be a Hair Stylist to join your team?
    No, as long as you have a clientele, a strong social media following, or are able to create-one, you are welcomed to join the team.
  • Do you have wigs on hand?
    Yes we do! Please check out ready to ship wigs for all wigs in stock
  • What is the processing time for a custom wig?
    Processing time for custom wigs at the moment is between 4-10 business days
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